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The MOST comprehensive anger manual you will find!


ARC was initially developed for professionals working with clients dealing with anger issues. The intent of this manual is to help individuals go beyond their anger to find resolution and healing. The book assists in helping understand the source of the anger and providing the skills and tools needed to effect long-term positive changes.

ARC can be used as a structured twelve-week program for groups or each chapter can stand alone and be used with individual clients, couples, or families. It can also be incorporated into substance abuse/addiction groups.

ARC is a wonderful manual for individuals wanting to work, not only on their anger, but also on personal growth. The book explores other issues that have a connection to anger and that support personal development. Achieving greater levels of understanding and happiness is the best anger reduction tool. An angry person is not happy and a happy person is not angry.

The book chapters cover:

Cognitive (thinking) – Behavioral Model; Trigger or Hot Thoughts; Anger as a defense Mechanism; Escalation vs. De-Escalation of Anger; Victim/Drama Triangle; Personal Responsibility; Expression vs. Repression of Anger; Assertiveness and Negotiation Skills; Personal Boundaries; Resentments and Forgiveness; Self-Esteem; and Stress Management.    

The book includes:

 Handouts, worksheets, and exercises

Visualizations, meditations, and relaxation exercises

Easy spiral-bound construction

Anger Resolution Course (ARC) Book




This CD will get your day started on a positive note and help you make it a great day!

How we start each and every day is VERY important in how we live our life. In the first track I give you a summary of each of the tracks and discuss a powerful tool to use in improving the quality of our lives. The second track on “Starting Your Day” will help you begin the day on a positive note which will carry over to the rest of your day. The “Happiness” track challenges you to look at the good in your life and ways to increase your happiness level. The last track on “Self-Esteem” helps us see ourselves as competent and worthy individuals, and love and appreciate our bodies.

This CD is also available in SPANISH - Creando Su Dia!

Creating Your Day CD


Creando Su Dia CD



This CD will help you

… understand the REAL cause of stress

… learn how to significantly reduce it

… help you experience deep relaxation so you get a good night’s rest

… & may even lower your blood pressure

Stress and anxiety are experienced by all of us at one point or another. In some cases, we almost see it as part of our daily lives. In this CD you find out what is a key component in decreasing stress and anxiety in your life. The first track can help you see stress differently and provide new tools to significantly decrease your anxiety and negative responses to stress. The second track on relaxation can be very helpful in further reducing stress and anxiety, as well as help you if you are having any sleeping problems.

Excerpts from what John says about this CD:

“I was having problems sleeping for quite a few years. Well the CD has worked wonderful. After taking all kinds of meds from this doc and that doc I was totally exhausted. Your CD on anxiety and sleep was a blessing. I could not believe something as simple as this could work better than any meds I ever took to help me sleep, but it has changed my life. I lay down now and within minutes I’m sleeping. My health and outlook on life has done an about face and I’m able to do things I love to do again. Thank you so very much.”  

De-Stress & Relax CD


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